Creating value through new connections in social and digital

Imagine being able to identify the exact moment a potential prospect comes into market, or a customer is thinking of buying again. That’s the real revenue opportunity of social and digital data. And it’s one only we can unlock for your brand.


With this unique level of insight, you can make your brand relevant through a new type of conversation that can come alive in their social or digital space, mobile, inbox or through their letterbox.


It means your brand can now
live in the moment
with prospects and customers.

Our data scientists analyse the social and digital behaviours of your consumers at an individual level.

We can identify needs as they happen and respond through one-to-one communications that convert more effectively, delivering an increased ROI.

Social Prospecting
Social Prospecting

Turn serendipity into a strategy

Using The Science Dept’s proprietary methodology, our data scientists apply machine learning algorithms to the big data of the social and digital world.

This allows us to identify and track what we call ‘information seeking behaviour’ – a new insight into a consumer need – and link it to a consumer’s social ID, email or postal address.

This gives you new insights and a business advantage by delivering the right message at the right time. This is how we make serendipity a strategy. Quite simply, being surprisingly relevant increases conversion rates.

Social CRM
Social CRM

A new perspective on customer value

We can match your customers to their social ID. This gives your brand an entirely new perspective on a customer’s value, level of loyalty, and when they’re back in market. By connecting to their full social and digital behaviour, we can identify potential churn.

This allows us to develop anti-defection strategies to protect customer revenue. We can also place your customers within their wider social community and identify key influencers. By building a relationship with them, we help amplify your message and draw more people towards your brand.


Amplify your brand’s influence

We have analysed and scored millions of consumers in our community database by their level of influence. This has allowed us to create a unique social segmentation called ‘PeopleRank™’.

‘PeopleRank™’ can be tailored to your market and your customers to see who is a voice of authority for your consumers. We can help you connect with this group to gain positive amplification of your brand and turn advocacy into a revenue driver.

Return on Content
Return on Content

Quantify the value of your content

We can value every piece of owned and paid for digital content. Our proprietary tagging methodology allows you to track individual level pathways across multiple devices, throughout the whole journey to purchase.

Tracking the viewability of paid for digital and social media allows you to understand value based on actual exposures rather than impressions. Our ability to link content to individual level pathways allows us to incorporate email and direct mail into the Return on Content evaluation. This gives you a fully rounded view of ROI through your direct, digital and social channel mix.


  • Disruptive automotive internet start-up, Testdrives2U, has appointed WDMP without a pitch to create a lead generation campaign. WDMP will be utilising their new data venture - The Science Dept. to identify likely premium new car buyers in social media and then drive them to Testdrives2U via email, Facebook and direct mail to arrange a personal test drive.

  • WDMP launches today a new data science business called “the Science Dept”. The new business is pioneering the analysis, targeting and harnessing of social media and digital data to drive prospecting and CRM. By analysing prospect and customer individual pathways we can identify relevant “information seeking behaviour” that lead to purchase and tie this back to individuals contact data including social ID, home address and email.

  • I’ve spent the last 15 years teaching clients the benefits of mapping, measuring and influencing customer journeys to improve sales, retention and customer revenues.

    But recently I have had a revelation. This is an oversimplification and a generalisation of how consumers actually behave. It also relies on the consumer telling you that they are ready to interact and appearing on your data whether as a suspect, prospect or customer.

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